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From: Richard,


With me currently having so many live websites online it has become difficult managing them all effectively and it is easy to start neglecting them! Now I am offering a few of these for sale for first takers...

Considering that these websites have been my pride and joy while being great money spinners mainly from affiliate offers,Adsense and paid advertisers, so rather than just give them up, I considered selling them 'as is' to interested people that may want to get involved in these niches, or even add them to their current portfolios.

I am not going to write a long boring story about these but will,give you that the facts of what you get with these websites and some ideas of what you can do with them if you like!

I will consider ANY reasonable offers From $50.00 that you send me for any of the websites shown!

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Once you are the website owner, what you can do with them is of course entirely up to you.

Here are Some Useful Ideas!

1. Become an expert in the niche and build it out with a following on social media!

2. You Can Convert them into eCommerce websites and stores!

3. You Can add Google Adsense to them or any other in line ads to earn money!

4. Use them to market affiliate products, like I have been doing all along, and change all the links in the content, pages, ads etc to suit your requirements!

5. Sell Your own products and services as you desire related to the website you want!

6.Re-Sell the sites again for a profit as you desire!

7. Re-purpose the content with your own keywords for better SEO rankings and more traffic!

8. Add your own subdomains and build out the website/s like you want.

What Do These Webites Currently Consist of?

These sites have been live for many years and are all completely functional, all with posts, pages, relevant plugins and quality content and ranked in Google.( Type the link into Google and see for yourself.)

They can easily be monetized the way you desire in multiple different ways, from adding Google Adsense, to affiliate links, building up subscriber lists or adding your own products.

The Details and Links of these sites:

Visit Site: Health and Wellness

Content 403 Posts, 22 Pages,One Page Theme, 11 plugins

Visit Site:Children and Parenting

Content 90 Posts, 6 pages, Premium Theme, Product for Resale, 7 plugins

Visit Site: Survival Management

Content 55 Posts,14 Drafts, 11 Pages, Premium Theme, 11 plugins

Trading Financial Markets

Content 168 Posts, 15 Pages, One Page Theme, 12 Plugins(SOLD for $75)

Visit Site: Dating & Relationships

Content 339 Posts, 17 Pages,One Page Theme, 11 plugins

Visit Site: Freelance Writing Online

Content 30 Posts, 9 pages, Mezmerize Theme, Products for Resale, 7 plugins(SOLD for $120)

Visit Site: Holiday and Travel Site

Content 54 Posts, 13 Pages, Premium Theme, 11 plugins(SOLD for $90)

Visit Site: Internet Business Training

Content 34 Posts, 8 Pages, Enigma Theme, 12 Plugins(SOLD for $115)

Visit Site: Community Website

Content 18 Posts, 14 Pages, Buddy Press, 12 Plugins

Visit Site: Online Shopping

Content 219 Posts, 17 Pages, Store One Theme, 11 plugins (SOLD Pending Sale)

I will consider ANY reasonable offers From $50.00 that you send me for any of the websites above!

These days having content written can cost you an arm and a leg if you outsource it, and you can pay from $5.00 for a 300 word article, and upwards for longer content!

Having a website built for you, or a Wordpress blog setting up can start at $250 and more, if you want all the bells and whistles added"

Websites Offer!

"Send me Your Offer!"

I will consider ANY reasonable offers that you send me for any of the websites above!

I will host these websites for you, until you have set up your hosting, and are ready to transfer them over to you... no time restrictions.

The complete website, and all content within it become yours after payment.

I will send you a video course of what I have on how to manage wordpress websites, completely FREE.

You can use your website anyway you like, because you take over full ownership, and access to it after payment has been made!

  • You can own a ready made piece of internet real estate right now?

  • These websites are not brand new, and are already listed on search engines. Simply Type in the website link, and see for yourself.

  • Only your own fear stops you from changing your life!

  • Why are you selling these websites?!

  • There REALLY is no catch to this at all...!.

  • I simply own too many websites, and cannot keep them all effectively updated and maintained!

  • CLICK BELOW to Contact me below and tell me what you would like to offer for any or all of these great websites! I will respond to all queries!

    websites for sale

    Live Your Life Without Regret. Having Enough Money is How you can Enjoy life to the Maximum in this World!

    Look Forward to Your Success,
    Founder, Eezywealth.com